Case Studies

A major international transport company with over 5000 employees Before Dulann With Dulann
Scheduling hassles Significant difficulties in arranging training. Staff were able to train online in their own time.
Lost Productivity Some operations had to be shut down completely. Minimal disruption to the company.
Staff can learn at their own pace Classroom setting means employees must proceed at the pace of the trainer. Employees could proceed through the courses at a pace that suited them
Staff can complete training anytime Restricted to the times that suit the trainers. Can complete training anytime.
Travel costs, hiring a room, hiring a trainer, etc. Significant costs associated with the traditional training method. None of those associated with eLearning
Employees can complete courses in more than one sitting Not possible with traditional training. Courses are bookmarked, learning can be interrupted and completed in more than one sitting.
Online Customer Support No Yes, Dulann provide a live chat facility.
Better knowledge retention. Limited. Studies have shown that eLearning can improve knowledge retention by up to 60%
Engaging, interactive courses Limited. Learners must interact with the course material, which helps them retain more knowledge.
Average time to complete a course 4 hours 2 hours
Ability to complete different types of courses quickly No, traditional training requires a classroom to be full for each course. Dulann’s business multi-buy enables different types of courses to be ordered instantly.

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