Coming Back to Work Safely!

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November 23, 2017
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Coming Back to Work Safely!

Surprisingly, it doesn’t take much time away from work such as holidays, for us to begin to lose the good safety habits that we have worked so hard to develop. Unfortunately, the “settling back” period of a week or so is also an extremely dangerous time for workers generally, so you need to be extra careful at this time. Even if you are “on your game”, you need to be mindful that others may not be. In this brief article, we explore why that is the case and offer tips on how to get “back in the swing” of things from a safety perspective.

It is a time of year when many people start to think of moving jobs and they can be distracted by far away green fields. The reality for most (but certainly not all), is that if they took the time and effort to water their own grass, it would be just as green as that field far away. Either way this can be a big distraction to the job you are doing and while it may certainly impact on productivity, it can also have serious health and safety consequences.

It is also a time of year to reminisce on the great break that you’ve just had. The “if only” and the “New Year’s resolutions syndrome” only lasts for a couple of days, but obviously it can have an impact on the job at hand. Regardless of whether you are a crane driver or a surgeon, the results of a “senior moment” can be catastrophic.

It is a time to wish others well and want to talk about their festivities and yours. Nothing you can do about that and sure why would you! It brings a sense of wellness to the workplace which can only be positive.

One of the greater issues of course is the fact that it can take a huge amount of people a very long time to readjust to the working time after a period off. The earlier starts, the dark evenings, the never ending commute or pre work routine can be at best demotivating, but at worst depressing. This can without doubt take the focus away from carrying out your duties in a safe manner.

Getting back in a “good safety routine” starts with getting the proper amount of sleep prior to going to work. This can be especially hard to achieve as your body tries to readjust to working life but if you’re distracted and operating on only a couple of hours sleep, the risks just get higher and higher.

Just before leaving home or just before you go in the gate, take a moment to have a deep breath, grab a coffee or whatever your fancy, and consciously clear your head of any lingering off-job issues. Walk in there focused and on fire. If there are any issues deal with them outside of work hours and certainly don’t let them fester for a couple of days as the distraction only gets worse.

If you work in an environment that involves the movement of materials and equipment, you will know that it’s fast-paced and you’ve always got to keep a watch and be aware of your surroundings. At this time of year, even if you are focused, bear in mind that others may not be as focused so be extra vigilant about the activities of others. You may be careful, but your life depends not just on your activities but on the activities of others.

If you work in an environment that involves significant time pressures that are just exacerbated by the break, remember to always conduct your affairs in a professional accurate and timely fashion. Do not attempt to cut corners to meet deadlines, particularly when it comes to Health and Safety.

Try to recall your standard routine or even move to a new improved routine. Lots of people nowadays slip into a habit of checking mobile phones or social media when they wake up. This becomes more pronounced during a holidays to the extent that it’s as if some people can’t get out of bed without making sure they have no outstanding messages or items on their timeline. That’s fine (in a way), but dont let it delay you 15 minutes so that it means you are now rushing to get in the shower, missing breakfast because of traffic, running in the door to work etc etc. It’s all an unnecessary distraction.

This time of year is also a difficult time for those with mental health concerns. If you are feeling “out of sorts” or “frustrated”, it is a sure sign that things won’t go well at work so don’t double up on the danger to yourself and others by ignoring it. Talk to your GP, friends or family as soon as possible. It’s ok, not to be ok.

Each of our jobs require skill and focus to perform properly and safely. No matter which job you perform, after time away, always take a moment to review the critical steps of that job and the specific things you must do to stay safe.

Finally of course there is no better way to get back in the swing of things and stay safe than by completing a quick and easy online refresher course at a time and place that suits you. Your family is waiting for you to come home every evening so focus on the important things in life.

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