Contractor Inductions

As you were always told, first impressions count!

Adding a lot of new contractors to your workforce, is challenging. Renewing existing contractors and their staff, across multiple locations, is even more challenging when you have limited resources.

Health & Safety staff are already stretched so dedicating time to sitting each contractor’s employee in a room for hours on end, is both time consuming and expensive.

Training needs to be consistent, contractors need to be scheduled and rescheduled, rooms need to be booked, paperwork needs to be organised, and none of which is very effective.

Immediate operational needs often mean that not every contractor can be met and inducted in person before they reach site. Corners are cut more often than you think.

The real question to ask yourself however, is how much time your health and safety staff are spending in a classroom, when they could be out doing some high value work that they don’t have time to do? The average health and safety person spends 70% of their time training the same material, over and over again. Imagine if you had more time to better protect the company from the real and present risks.

Introducing, Irelands only dedicated eLearning company.


Our clients such as Glanbia Ingredients are using the advances in technology to increase effectiveness whilst at the same time reduce costs. It’s not rocket science or anything new, it just a way of induction that makes sense.

Managed online and available 24/7 from any location, dulann allows contractors the opportunity to complete their induction before they ever set foot on site. When they arrive on site they are ready to start work without any downtime.

Your information is now managed in a central location, available in real time to anyone with appropriate access rights and is also fully transparent. Gone are the days of excel spreadsheets being updated once a week and gone are the days of someone leaving your company with all the induction history.

Dulann provides you with the most innovative and engaging inductions. Cognitive learning theory applied to a SCORM compliant learning management system increases long term memory retention by your contractors. Video inductions that are both expensive to make and expensive to update are a thing of the past. The reality is that no one ever learnt anything by sitting through a 2 hour training video.

Unlike other traditional induction methods, contractor certification is only given once the contractor has displayed a certain level of competence. This icon driven system is extremely easy to use by anyone that has exposure to mobile phones. Each Contractors competence level and actions are monitored, tracked and reported upon should it be required for whatever reason.

Each and every contractor confirms they are who they say they are and also confirms that they have understood what they have been taught.

Get notified when inductions are about to become out of date. Send automatic notifications to your contractors notifying them that they must take action. is all about making your life easier.

Dulann helps you to increase compliance and productivity, but best of all, saves you time and money.

Talk to us today to see how some of the world’s largest corporations are saving time and money with dulann.