When can I access the online courses provided by Dulann?

Our courses are available anytime, day or night, 24/7.


Is there certain days during the year when the courses cannot be accessed?

Our courses can be accessed 365 days a year.


What platforms can I access the courses from?

You can access our courses from a PC, Mac and from all tablet devices. The courses are not designed to be taken on a mobile phone.


What browser should be used to access the courses?

The courses work best on Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. When using an Apple iPad or android device you must first install a flash enabled browser.


What happens if I am in the middle of a course and I need to leave unexpectedly?

If you need to leave unexpectedly, or do not wish to complete the course in one sitting, your progress is bookmarked, and you can continue from where you left off.


What type of internet connection is required to complete the courses?

In order to complete the courses it is recommended that at least a 1MB connection is used.


How much data is required to complete the courses?

Completing a course will use the same amount of data as watching a 5 minute YouTube video.


Are the courses certified?

All our courses are fully certified and include an element of assessment and examination. Where applicable, certifications are in line with legal or industry requirements. It is possible to print out a hard copy of your certificate providing you pass the final examination.


If I am not very familiar with technology, will I find it difficult to complete the courses?

Our courses are very easy to use and include detailed instructions and tutorials which offer clear explanations.


How long do the courses take to complete?

Depending on the user and the particular course being accessed, the average time to complete a course is between 90 – 120 minutes. The courses do not have to be taken in one sitting, so they can be completed at times that are convenient to you.


Is there an audio element to the courses?

Yes, some of the courses do have an audio element therefore speakers will be required.


Is online learning as effective as a classroom setting?

Experts state that online training can create a 50% time saving and a 40-60% cost saving compared to regular classroom training.