Fire Safety

Fire Safety Cost:

120 minutes

Legal Requirements:
This course meets the legislation of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005.

Who is it for: 
This Fire Safety Awareness Course is one of a number of courses online that is available for individuals or organisations seeking a safer workplace.

Fire Safety Online Course:

This Fire Safety Training Course is designed to raise awareness of fire hazards in the workplace and how to respond in the event of a fire emergency, including selecting and using the correct fire extinguisher depending on the type of fire. The Fire Safety Training Course has been developed in conjunction with subject specialists in Ireland and is suitable for training employees in all aspects of Fire Safety Awareness. Our Fire Safety Training Course is designed to engage you, the learner, with interactive media rich courses and practical simulations. Our Fire Safety Training Course also offers you the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification Fire Safety Awareness wherever you are in the Republic of Ireland. This short, intensive and highly interactive Fire Safety Training Course is open to anyone with an interest in a safer working environment.

Lessons in the Fire Safety Online Course:

  1. Introduction and Tutorial
  2. Fire Safety Legislation and Risk Assessment
  3. Fire and Smoke
  4. Preventing Fires
  5. Evacuating Buildings
  6. Extinguishing Fires
  7. Certification Test


Fire Safety Certificate Exam:

On completion of all modules of the Fire Safety Training Course you will be presented with a brief examination. You must achieve a pass mark of 60% from 30 questions in order to gain certification. The 30 questions are taken randomly from a bank of 100 questions for each and every examination.

Fire Safety Additional Information:

Our online courses are very easy to use and all you need is a computer with an internet connection. It is recommended that you use a laptop or desktop and have installed Flash Player 8.0 or above. Courses can be taken on a tablet providing you are using a flash enabled browser.

You can take this Fire Safety course anytime, anywhere, 24/7! You don’t have to complete the course in one sitting. If you have to leave unexpectedly, or you just want to complete it later it will remember where you were, the last time you left it. You can also learn at your own self-paced rate of learning. Learning has never been easier, you can get the course you need today and it’s just a click of a button away.

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This Fire Safety Training Course is designed to raise awareness of fire hazards and train participants on how to act safely in the event of an emergency fire.