Procedure Simulation

Striving to reach Zero Defects, having no “Right first time” errors or reaching full compliance is challenging in any business, but regardless of whether you are making a product or delivering a service, these non conformances cost significant time and money. Are you finding that despite the fact that there are Standard Operating Procedures and Quality Assurances Procedures written for every eventuality, these costly deviances continue to occur? Your industry may be tightly regulated and they may even employ the brightest and most educated of people, but those error ratios are still not where they should be. To make matters worse, all necessary documentation is being signed off. So what could possibly be going wrong? Introducing, Irelands only dedicated eLearning company. Our clients are using the advances in technology to increase effectiveness whilst at the same time reduce costs. We don’t improve your existing SOP’s because you’ve done that countless times already, we don’t even interfere with your existing processes and protocols because the regulators wouldn’t like it. Dulann introduce engaging and realistic simulations of your processes that allow your staff to make all the errors they need to in an offline environment. It’s a tough love approach whereby your employees are not certified to work in a live environment until they have successfully completed a simulation with zero defects. We work alongside your existing procedures to ensure employees are encouraged (and if necessary forced) to follow company approved procedures. It’s not rocket science or anything new, it just a way of eLearning that makes sense. We don’t try and teach your employees something that they already know from years of experience or from years of education. In some cases our solution has one commercial objective and that is to RTFM. Managed online and available 24/7 from any location, dulann allows employees the opportunity to complete their certification process at a time, place and pace that suits them. This has minimal if any impact on operations. If you are already operating management software, and subject to getting the appropriate approval, we can even build an API to ensure your information can all be held centrally in the one place. Dulann provides you with the most innovative and engaging eLearning solutions. Behavioural learning theory applied to a SCORM compliant learning management system increases long term memory retention and encourages behavioural change. Video, Powerpoint, PDF and all these so called eLearning tools simply do not help to reach Zero Defects. Dulann only provide certification once the employee has displayed a certain level of competence. This icon driven system is extremely easy to use by anyone that has exposure to mobile phones. Each employee’s competence level and actions are monitored, tracked and reported upon should it be required for whatever reason. Dulann helps you to increase compliance and productivity, but best of all, saves you time and money. Talk to us today to see how some of the world’s largest corporations are saving time and money with dulann.

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