The Grass is Greener Where you Water it!

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May 20, 2016
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The Grass is Greener Where you Water it!

We are the first and probably only eLearning company to openly state that online courses are not suitable for everyone, they are not suitable for every course nor is it advisable to move your company from traditional learning delivery to a completely online system!!

Well I don’t know what you’re so surprised at but on the other hand, I fully understand your shock at our honesty.

No, we haven’t gone mad but before I give you the impression that we have completely lost our marbles; let me also categorically state the cost and time benefits of eLearning implemented properly are so large that the savings are immeasurable.

So, where are the pitfalls, I hear you cry? Firstly Irish legislation and best practice dictates that some (not all) courses must have some form of physical assessment. These courses vary but they include Manual Handling, Patient Handling and Office Ergonomics. The reality is that any training company providing these courses completely online are cowboys, but more importantly they are putting their clients at risk both legally and financially. It is hard to believe that those types of companies still exist, but there is always some poor soul willing to pay for the cheapest solution, not knowing that they have just been dressed in those emperors new clothes.

emperors new clothes


The only way to deliver these courses is through a blended approach. There is no doubt that once there is human intervention, the benefits of online courses are less than than those delivered fully online course such as Fire Safety Awareness, Health & Safety Induction, HACCP Food Safety etc, but that is of course not to say that there are not benefits of these blended courses.

One main benefit of these blended courses in the corporate world relates to the time and money that they save as a result of not having to schedule groups of people to be away from the work environment for a certain day and time. In this instance, the time consuming and costly theory is conducted online at a time that suits the employer. The courses can literally be done during a shutdown or slow period, as you don’t have to arrange a trainer in advance. On completion of the theory a very focused physical assessment is then carried out by either inhouse or external competent assessors.

That by the way is a second benefit or saving, particularly if you have in house assessors. 85% of a person’s time involved in training is actually spent delivering training, so by implementing a blended approach you actually get more achieved with the resources that you have.

So, why isn’t eLearning for everyone? The reality of the matter is that not everyone is computer literate. Whilst these people are in the minority in today’s corporate world, they are equally as important as those than can use a computer. In those instances you need to be able to offer a traditional delivery method of training. It will only be a small percentage, so the impact on operations will not be significant. Don’t get fooled by video based eLearning by the way. There is no doubt that Video certainly appears simpler to the end user. It is, of course simpler, but it’s simpler for a reason and is typically deployed by organisations who want to ensure that their ass is just about covered or their boxes are just about ticked. You can contact me directly if you want to know my views on this archaic means of delivering learning.

computer litteracy

So while we believe that eLearning definitely has a role to play in every single organisation, we are grown up enough to suggest that some courses can be completed completely online, some require a blended approach and some then just have to be thought in the real world. From our local Indian restaurant to our largest client who has a turnover of €3 Billion, we have saved them all time money and effort whilst at the same time ensuring that we have their back.

So rather than switching over entirely to an eLearning provider, we strongly suggest that you talk to someone who will help you water and tend your own patch so that it becomes greener. And as for those who wear the emperors new clothes? Well, we all know how that story ends!